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BetaYouth is a pro-growth co-operative package for the Nigerian youths. BetaYouth provides micro-insurance, health, pension and access to start-up loans and incentives for singles and youth organisations.

Benefits of BetaYouth
  • Automatic membership of Betalife Co-operative Society.
  • Micro-Life Micro-Insurance Cover to the tune of ₦100,000 in case of accident or death of a subscriber.
  • Co-operative Savings and Loans.
  • Health Insurance Scheme including medical check up, cancer screening and health talks.
  • Pension Scheme: Automatic subscription to the compulsory micro-pension scheme and instant withdrawal of 50% of your savings in case of emergency.
  • Okada, Keke, Car and Bus Hire Purchase.
  • Rent, School Fees and Property Financing.
  • Household Items like Fridges, Deep Freezers, and Generators hire purchases.
  • Empowerment and Wealth Creation Training Schemes for members.
  • Opportunity to access government intervention funds and programmes for the youth.

Subscription for BetaYouth is ₦5,000.00 only, paid annually. Register Now to get started.

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